Example Rubric

An Example Rubric

This rubric is for a scholarly blog post which is part of the writing assignments that I have outlined in my syllabus for Communicating Nutrition to a Dieting World. One of the learning objectives in my course is for students to communicate complex nutrition concepts to a lay audience. This assignment has students writing a persuasive, yet scholarly, blog post that will use their knowledge of both nutrition and basic epidemiology to analyze scientific evidence regarding a nutrition claim of their choice.

Why a Blog Post?

Blogging has exploded in popularity over the past few years. It is possible to find blogs on myriad subjects written by all kinds of people. There is a nutrition blog for every topic it seems, and while this can be an excellent way to communicate with lots of people, it opens the door for misinformation to be spread. It is essential for today’s nutrition students to learn how to use this medium to accurately communicate principles of nutrition science.

What skills do I assess?

My rubric assesses both the scholarly merit of the post and the unique formatting options available to bloggers.

This assignment requires the following scholarly skills: finding appropriate scientific primary resources that address a particular nutrition claim, assessing the strength and weaknesses of those resources and their relevancy to the claim, properly interpreting the results and conclusions of scientific articles, and clearly summarizing knowledge without jargon or bias.

This assignment requires the following blogging skills: identifying natural breaks in the writing that can be clarified with headings and subheadings, finding and properly citing relevant pictures that enhance the scientific points being made, including relevant online resources for further information, and condensing complex, nuanced, conclusions into 140-character Tweets to facilitate online sharing.