How to Connect to the Cornell Servers for Ubuntu Users

As travelling graduate student, I often find myself needing to access Cornell’s servers from my personal laptop. The Cornell IT site has helpful instructions for Windows users and Mac users but nothing for Ubuntu users like me. After tinkering around a bit, here’s how I got things to work.

For Ubuntu users:

Search for “remote desktop client”. My version of Ubuntu already had Remmina Remote Desktop Client installed. If yours does not, you can find it here. Open the application.


Click on the “Create a new remote desktop file” icon. Type in the name for your profile. I connect to the Cornell servers, so I named mine “Cornell”.  Leave Group blank. Protocol should be “RDP-Remote Desktop Protocol”.


Under the Basic settings, type in your server name. Here is a list of the Cornell research servers if you are a student.

The rest of the fields can be left blank. If you want to share a folder (this prevents you from having to email yourself all of your files), check the “Share folder” box and choose which folder you want shared.

Click Save. The server should now appear in the Remmina Remote Desktop Client window.

Double click on the server name. This will take you to the log in screen. Enter your user name and password (I’m not sure why, but you must add “_RS” to your Cornell ID to log in), and you should be good to go.

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